What would hip-huggers do?

Hot marketing experts have come out as one in their hip-huggers, shaggy cuts and t-shirts to tell corporate America to get into social networking or die.  So corporate America signed their people up for Facebook, paid trainers to show them how it works … and watched productivity take a plunge.

So it’s no wonder if corporate America is leery of the hip huggers’ new message: Get on Twitter or die.

This time, though, they might have a point.

Twitter is like Facebook – a real-time bulletin board that reaches audiences across the globe instantly.  But Twitter is different, or can be.

You can follow celebrities (Robroy doesn’t).  You can follow colleagues in business (Robroy does).  You can follow childhood friends (Robroy doesn’t).  You can use it to improve your craft (Robroy does).  The way I improve my craft as a business consultant and writer is by utilizing Twitter’s research and knowledge sharing aspect.  I approach Twitter like an informal lecture series on the sidewalk in front of the Student Union.  You can stop by for a few minutes between appointments and make your verse heard.  Or you can hang back and learn something.

Whether Twitter spells life or death for corporate America, we’ll find out.  Meanwhile, the hip-huggers are enjoying being “followed” in their tight jeans as they blog about it.


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