Almost perfect

Even in the worst economic times, everything can go right for a business. You can have a great Web site that generates a great lead, which becomes a great initial contact on the phone. You can have a great responsive salesperson who follows up on the lead, listens well, creates a great solution and cranks out a great proposal. You can get a great price, have a great roll-out and follow-up. But if your accounting department is obnoxious when collecting that first payment … Or if the tech treats them poorly when they first call for service … Or if they leave messages that go unreturned … Any one of these could kill the relationship. Hours and hours of hard work, not to mention the $50K you spent on the Web re-design, wasted. It all goes up in smoke.

There’s no such thing as perfect.  In business, that’s no excuse.

From a conversation with Creston Owen, CEO, Falcon Communications, January 2009


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One Response to “Almost perfect”

  1. Brian Wojcik Says:

    This is an interesting perspective that provoked some additional thought. We’re just beginning to wrap social networking into our business model. I believe it can be powerful for a business to embrace it as a credibility piece, the expectation is becoming “if you are not networked, you are not credible”. Inherent is a great deal of responsibility to the client. If you don’t deliver as promised, be certain everyone will know about it. Therefore, a new standard of performance is likely to emerge from those organizations that embrace this model, a more client centered approach; perhaps with an aim to be “Almost Perfect”. It will also serve as a much needed feedback loop for business that will let them know how they are doing so adjustments can be made where needed. Internal business models and communications will need to be fluid and nimble to adjust quickly and deliver consistency. The rules are changing at an exponential rate…

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