Most men in their 40s have no idea how close they are to losing their wives.

In their 30s, the wife was the one at risk.  She had to worry every time he went on a business trip.  But now it’s the husband’s turn.  He is fat, gray and balding – while she is still curvy, dark haired and hot-blooded.  He is looking for the sports.  She is looking for the action.  He’s thinking, “What’s for dinner?”  She’s thinking, “Why should I wait 15 years to divorce him, when I can do it now, while I’m still young and beautiful?”

The same thing happens in business.  You think you are doing everything possible to keep the customer satisfied.  In fact, I’ve known far more CEOs committed to their customers than to their wives.  But even that committed relationship can fall apart if you don’t keep it fresh and exciting.  There’s a home-wrecker lurking in every lobby.

So how can you save your customer base?  The same way you can save your marriage.  Surprise them tomorrow.  Show up, unannounced.  Sweep them up in your arms.  Tell them you are blinded by desire.  You can’t stop thinking about them.  You want them; you need them; you must have them.  Then deliver your custom solutions.  Implement your paradigm shift.  Oh, baby.

And when it’s all over, if it ends, it ends.  But if you can pay attention well enough, and if you can be responsive long enough, you just might come away with a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

And if that happens, don’t thank Robroy.  Just doing my job.


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3 Responses to “Home-wrecker”

  1. janet Says:

    Rob, if it is any consolation, when your wife is 5o
    and fertility wanes as her tummy waxes you will be at your prime. Nature is cruel. All fun aside, i agree to the mystery/chemistry of courtship in relationships of business as well as love. Keeping it moving seems to be key to maintaining the seratonin levels necessary to keep your eye on the ball instead of on a different playing field.

  2. Jodi Says:


    What a great commentary on Life, Love and Business. My whole company revolves around cross-polinating life and business…. and you just nailed it! Looking at you business as if it was a marriage (and the other way around) always seems to shine a new unexpected light (and shadow) on things. Thanks for the great post! (Would you be open to me using it in my next newsletter? With link back to your blog of course!)

  3. Michelle Says:

    Funny…Being in biz dev I’ve experienced the “dating” phase when you look for red flags, determine if it’s worth the pursuit, see if there’s good chemistry between you and a potential client…once you’ve won the prize, it’s difficult not to become complacent and let yourself go.

    This is a great reminder to stay focused:)

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