The art of the foul-up

Robroy’s game is helping business owners and CEOs grow their companies.  That puts him in position to see really smart job applicants ruin their employment opportunities in really stupid ways every day.

Here’s how it usually plays out.  At the end of the interview, we tell them the next steps: We’ll finish our first round of interviews, and then, if everyone is still interested, we’ll all get back together for a second interview.

Then we wait.  We want to see one thing.  Will they follow up?

Most don’t.  In fact, even though they tell us they are passionate about building relationships, very few will do us the courtesy of sending a message or calling to say, ‘thank you for your time’ or ‘I enjoyed learning about the opportunity’ or ‘looking forward to our next conversation.’

Why not?  Laziness?  Ignorance?  They don’t care?  Shoes two sizes too small?

chicken jpeg

Whatever the reason, in this economy, who can afford the foul-up?

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One Response to “The art of the foul-up”

  1. Carrie Root Says:

    Hey Rob,

    I’m a little late on the game here – just finally getting to read all of your blog posts. They are fantastic.

    “Thank you” seems to have become old fashioned. I’m sorry that’s the case. I am still one to say thank you for any and every kind word – especially at a job interview. Good lesson for those kids coming out of college. The part I don’t understand: how have their parents not taught them this. My mom made us write thanks yous for everything. My dad taught us how to shake hands well and to follow-up, whether or not you are truly interested.

    I taught a semester at Towson and what I learned is that 80+% of kids in college right now think they are entitled to whatever their hearts desire. Oh how the real world will bite them in the ass. May I not be a parent that contributes to this downfall of society. I hope I teach my kids that saying thank you is ALWAYS the right thing to do and following up will always get you farther.

    Good stuff!

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