How to get what you want

Robroy has a process for everything.  You should know that about me if we are going to be friends.  I even have a process for helping you get what you want.  I call it the Getting Wheel.  Catchy name, I know.

Getting what you want starts with identifying where you are in the process.  Then it’s a matter of mapping your situation to the Getting Wheel, like this:

robroys getting wheel

Here’s how it works:

  1. GOAL: You passionately need something.  What is it?  Is there something you are afraid to lose, such as money, love or opportunity?  Is there something you want to be or do or have?  The more urgently you want it, the sooner you’ll get it.
  2. PROBLEM PHASE: What’s holding you back?  Where are the complications?  How bad is the stress?  When is the pain worst?  Get out all of the problems  and excuses and see them for what they are.
  3. DECISION POINT: It’s time to make up your mind.  You can’t stand at the end of the diving board forever.  Spring forward across the threshold.  No going back.
  4. INITIATION PHASE: Here you find yourself on the road of trials.  You will be severely tested, challenged, knocked down, insulted and robbed.  But don’t give up!  You are coming up on the …
  5. TURNING POINT: The balance of power has shifted.  For every punch they throw, you throw a counter-punch.  Only now, for the first time, your counter-punch is mightier.
  6. VISION PHASE: The battle for what you want rages on.  From the tears and the sweat and the cloud of dust is shaping a vision of your solution.  It’s like seeing daybreak through swollen eyes.  Your future is there — better than you imagined it.  With a loud cry, you lunge for it.
  7. BREAK-THROUGH POINT: Cradling your greatest treasure to your belly, you take the ultimate risk.  You sacrifice yourself.  You give it up and let go — tumbling headlong into the wonder of it all.
  8. REWARD PHASE: And you land on the feather bed of your reward.  The problem is solved.  You got what you wanted.  The pain has turned to luxurious pleasure.  What felt like an ordeal now looks perfectly natural and necessary.  You’re even glad you had to go through it.

The Getting Wheel keeps turning.  In life, no sooner do we reach one goal, up pops another.  That’s why getting what you want is a simple matter of following a process — nothing really changes.  No need to reinvent the wheel.

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