Sales jails

Voice mail is a wonderful convenience. Unless you are in sales.  In that case, there is no voice mail.  There is only voice jail.  A place where no one ever returns your call.  A place where you wait and you wait and you wait, while the game goes on without you.  Until you pick up one of these:

get out of jail free card

To get out of voice jail and back in the game, flip over the card and read the five quick tips Robroy has printed on the back for you:

1. Expect to leave a message.

2. Know that your sole mission is to get a call back.

3. Plan what you will say.

4. Keep it short.

5. Practice on your own voice mail.

Think these rules don’t apply to you?  Think you can just keep winging it and get all your calls returned?  Then you might as well go back to jail.  Go directly to jail.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.


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3 Responses to “Sales jails”

  1. Jay Cincotta Says:

    This is great advice when the person you’re calling is expecting to hear from you. But when they’re not expecting you, there’s a lot to be said for simply hanging up and not leaving a message. This leaves you free to keep calling back till you reach a live person.

  2. Andrew Freedman Says:


    This is a great post, and speaks to the Mindset piece of EntreQuest’s (and your personal) formula for sales success.

    Setting proper expectations, being prepared, and executing is a great recipe.

    With regards to calling people for the first time, there are many techniques that people try. Jay expresses one, which is not to leave a message. Often times I agree. Potential challenges with this approach include caller id, and the person knowing your number is calling and hanging up, and that you have NO shot of getting a call back with no message.

    Often times, leaving a shot and “specifically vague” message works. For example, it could be: “Hi Rob, this is Andrew. I’m sorry that I missed you, but do need to catch up with you. Please call me at xxx xxx xxxx when you get this. Cheers.

    Keep the great thoughts and perspectives coming, Robroy!

  3. hank Says:

    i disagree, people don’t return voicemail because voicemail is a pain in the ass, that’s why i called my phone company and had all my voicemail disabled a couple years ago and have never looked back. There are more effective and efficient ways to deliver messages to people these days than expecting them to stop everything they are doing and listen to a playback of a recording of a voice. tip for ATT customers — if you want to disable voicemail, call 611 and request an account reset, that will leave your voicemail disabled until you deliberately set it back up (which is easy).

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