Rob Macdonald’s Bio

Rob Macdonald is a partner at EntreQuest (, a Baltimore-based sales consulting firm that helps small-to-midsized companies increase revenue.  Rob works strategically with business owners and leaders nationwide, helping them build, operate and grow their sales teams.

Prior to joining EntreQuest, Rob was co-founder and president of Smith Content, Inc., a creative content development firm, from 1998-2007. Originally from Libertyville, Illinois, he is a graduate of the University of Illinois and holds an MFA from Columbia College, Chicago, where he taught creative writing for several years in the prestigious Fiction Writing Program.

Rob has ghost-written for the Baltimore Business Journal, Washington Business Journal, Baltimore SmartCEO, Washington SmartCEO and Partner Channel Magazine, among others. At the University of Illinois, he was ‘Campus Scout’ – a student columnist in a long line of anti-everything point-persons for the school paper that continues to this day. Roger Ebert was one of his predecessors.

In the community, Rob and his wife Bobbi founded Baltimore City’s first public charter school, City Neighbors Charter School. City Neighbors opened on September 6, 2005 as an elementary and middle school with a unique focus on arts-integration, project-based learning and 100% parental involvement.  Two new City Neighbors schools are slated to open in September 2009 (elementary school) and September 2010 (high school).

Rob and Bobbi live in Baltimore City with their 3 children and dog, Goldie.


One Response to “Rob Macdonald’s Bio”

  1. Paul Magno Says:

    Sr. Rob MacDonald, my old Fiction Writing teacher at Columbia College…How are you? Don’t know if you remember me, but I had your class for two years and you read my awful novel during one terribly hot Summer…

    Drop me a line if/when you get this message…I have a very interesting tale to unpack…



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