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This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco

March 2, 2009

Twitter is good for people living on mobile. The value is in the “retweet” feature, a/k/a “RT,” a/k/a plain ole simple copy-and-paste. Because that’s all RT is. Copy and paste in the status bar. The outcome is that you will have forwarded a link, with reference to the source, so that a broader and broader community may benefit from it instantly. When would this be useful? Well, for example, let’s say there is a need to evacuate your city. The tweeters will share maps, gps routes and updates on the run. Won’t that be fun?

Let’s get you started:

1) copy a status update that you like

2) go to your status bar

3) type “RT@” then the user’s name you are re-tweeting

4) paste

5) send

Master the simple art of retweeting, and you’ll be prepared for the end of the world.